APHA Alerts Subscription Service 

Welcome to the APHA Alerts Subscription Service

This service provides registered users with the latest news specific to exotic notifiable animal disease outbreaks in Great Britain. Alerts may also be sent outside of a disease outbreak.

Please be aware that when choosing how to be contacted that several weeks or months may go by without any messages being sent. It is also likely that if / when an outbreak or case of notifiable disease is confirmed in Great Britain, multiple messages will be issued within a matter of days. Updates will be issued at the discretion of APHA when information is available and in our judgement applicable. You can choose one or any combination of alert methods.

By registering your details you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the APHA Alerts Subscription service. To read more information on this and how we will process your information please click here. Once you have read the terms and conditions please tick this box to continue:
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Please choose how you want us to contact you by ticking one or more of the boxes listed below. (You must select at least one message type).
When you tick a box below, please enter your phone number or email address in the highlighted box next to the tick box. Please note that if you choose voice alerts this is an automated verbal message.

Please send me alerts by:

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Text Alert (SMS UK only)
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We require you to provide a confirmation email address, even if you do not wish to receive updates by email.

If you wish to subscribe new numbers in future please use this page using the same confirmation email you provide on this occasion.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click to confirm your details on the alerts lists. You must keep this email, as it will give you the information you will need if you want to change any of your alerts or details.

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Once you confirm your email address as described above, your details will be updated to the alerts list and will be active the following day. You will not receive a test message to confirm this.

For the purpose of data capture, please tell us the reason you want to receive alerts. This does not affect the alerts you are sent. Please choose only one.

Please could you also state the country where you currently reside as this may affect the messages issued. If you live on or near a border please tick the two areas which are closest to you.

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Farm Animals
  Foot and Mouth
  Avian Influenza
  Newcastle Disease
  Classical Swine Fever
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  Horse / Equine Diseases
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If you have any problems registering your details please email APHA Communications Team at apha.corporatecommunications@apha.gsi.gov.uk with your query.